NameDepartmentJob TitleEmailPhoneFax
Sophia Amling Capital Improvement Program Management Contract Administrator Sophia.Amling@north-slope.org907-852-0271907-852-0257
Richard SanJose North Slope Borough CIPM richard.sanjose@north-slope.org907-852-0489 
Dave Merrill NSB CIPM Project Administrator dave.merrill@north-slope.org907-852-0489907-852-0257
John Oyagak NSB Dept. Of CIPM Project Administrator john.oyagak@north-slope.org907-852-0489907-852-0257
Joe Ramirez NSB Dept of CIPM Project Administrator joe.ramirez@north-slope.org907-852-0489907-852-0257
Bernadette Adams NSB CIPM Project Administrator bernadette.adams@north-slope.org907-852-0489907-852-0251
Malia Texeira NSB CIPM Project Administrator
Joanne Simmonds North Slope Borough CIPM Asst. to the Director Joanne.Simmonds@north-slope.org907-852-0489907852-0257
Tom Elkins North Slope Borough CIPM Project Administrator tom.elkins@north-slope.org907-852-0489907-852-0257
Joe Ehrheart North Slope Borough Project Administrator joe.ehrheart@north-slope.org907-646-8281 
Myrna Sarren  
Melissa Ortega North Slope Borough CIPM Project Administrator melissa.ortega@north-slope.org907-852-0489 
Marilyn Fischer-Pico Capital Improvement Program Management Asst Contract Adminis marilyn.pico@north-slope.org907-852-0489907-852-0257
Lieann Amante North Slope Borough Law Department Law Office Manager lieann.amante@north-slope.org907-852-0300907-852-5678
Ken Green North Slope Borough Project Administrator 
Elvira Gueco NSB-CIPM Accounting Managaer elvira.cayetano@north-slope.org907-852-0489 
Steven Decker NSBCIPM Project Administrator 852-0489 Ext.838 
Meryl Guevara NSB CIPM Department Project Administrator 852 0489 ext. 6206 
Eric Hernandez North Slope Borough Public Works/CIPM Senior Office Specialist Eric.Hernandez@north-slope.org907 852 0489 ext. 853 
Roman M (NWDS) NWDS roman@nwds-ak.com9073016623 
Bernadette Fischer North Slope Borough Project Administrator bernadette.fischer@north-slope.org9078550672 
Kevin Prange  
Jack Packer North Slope Borough Project Administrator jack.packer@north-slope.org907-646-8279 
Dante Elkins North Slope Borough CIPM Project Administrator 
Sean Gueco North Slope Borough CIPM Project Administrator sean.gueco@north-slope.org907-852-0489 
Jack Frantz North Slope Borugh Project Administrawor jack.frantz@north-slope.org9078520489 
Mike Monnin NSB mike.monnin@north-slope.org907-852-0252 
Jozieta Slatton North Slope Borough Jozieta.Slatton@north-slope.org907-852-0489 
Brett Goodwin  
Jacqueline Okesene NSB CIPM-Contract Administration Office Specialist jacqueline.okesene@north-slope.org9078520489 
Jennifer Dunbar North Slope Borough Health and Social Servces Assistant to the Director jennifer.dunbar@north-slope.org907-852-0366907-852-0389
Frederick Brower  
Hubert E. Hopson CIPM hubert.hopson@north-slope.org852-0489x6201 
Dan Lewis  
Rowena Elquiero  
Frank Akpik  
Racquel Quirante  
Raymond Breer  
Bidders are responsible for making sure they are placed on Planholders List in order to receive addenda or other notifications regarding any project they are interested in by registering on this website. Bidders are to contact the Project Administrator or contact Representative referenced in Contract Documents if they have any questions regarding the projects of interest.
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